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Welcome to GreyWolf Entertainment

The Participation, Multimedia and Audience Engagement Specialists!

The GreyWolf Entertainment Group is a powerful combination of niche market companies that provide turnkey solutions for multimedia and corporate clients. From concept to production we can develop an end product that has been created with 2 core elements in mind:

1) To provide a quality experience for the consumer with all the right ingredients for engagement and retention. 
2) To provide effective easy to use consumer payment options to maximize revenues to unprecedented levels.

Greywolf provides participation TV with fixed line, mobile and internet marketing solutions for multimedia and corporate clients. We provide our clients with a one-stop-shop for the deployment of participation television solutions, mass calling platforms, mobile and fixed line marketing programs and other interactive services.

Greywolf can provision a wide range of interactive services including:

  • Television voting and participation via fixed-line, PSMS,Abbreviated Dial Codes and internet

  • Mobile text delivery for marketing and information purposes

  • Entertainment services and turnkey applications

  • Interactive voice and video response platforms (IVR/IVVR ), sweepstakes and other interactive services

  • Greywolf clients include media and production companies, network broadcasters, brands, marketing service
    agencies, Internet portals and network operators.

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Our Network
GreyWolf’s affiliate Fastrack Global Billing Networks supports all the associated network coverage and billing required to support any multimedia application. Fastrack owns and operates a private coast to coast network in Canada and is also an established Inter Exchange Carrier with over 14 years of experience.

Participation TV
Our group of companies have developed Mass Calling Platforms specifically engineered for Reality TV, Charity, Fundraising events with global access from LandLine or Mobile Consumers.

GreyWolf is a media buyer for all your multi-media acquisitions. Whether you need to buy Web Eyeballs, CPA or PPC we can provide expertise in maximizing unnatural returns in a new or mature market. Let us show you how.